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Tim Kilroy

Hey Agency Owner- 

Tim here.

Over the last 23 years, I've started 3 agencies - managed a couple of exits and a crash. I've built new divisions inside of big agencies, coached dozens of agencies and startups...from inception to exit to massive scale, I've touched just about every type of agency problem and opportunity that exists.

Agency growth demands change. Most of all, it demands change in you.

That's why I created Agency Accelerator - 1 on 1 Agency Growth Coaching for agency owners who have committed to making their agencies (and themselves) better.

When it comes right down to it, growing your agency isn't rocket science. You find a repeatable value proposition, a repeatable lead generation solution and a repeatable delivery mechanism and keep on scaling until it breaks. Then you do it again. These are the building blocks of growth that every agency has to master.

So why does anybody need an agency coach? 

Because your agency, your staff and you all come at this with different skills, experiences & temperaments. What works for some agencies may not work with yours. And your clients deserve an agency that is working at its best.

So an agency coach, like me, can map the best strategies to your situation so that your agency grows faster. Are you better serving a handful of customers deeply, or hundreds of clients in a hands-off way? Should you be single service or multi-service? Should you be the price leader? No set of tactics can answer that question. You need to understand what you want to accomplish, what skills you need to accomplish it and how your agency can execute it.

You can't learn that from a bunch of videos. You learn that fastest alongside an experienced and trusted mentor who is solely focused on your growth.

As you grow, there are natural inflection points where you need to up your game as a leader - and that means that you must have process & management locked down.

By the time you are at $20k/mo, you need to have a concrete plan to get yourself out of the delivery zone.

By $30K/mo, you want to start thinking about a marketing director or a sales resource...and maybe better clients.

By $50K/mo, you have to learn how to grow differently because chances are the competition just got WAY better.

By $100K/mo, your job is all about the organization and your employees...

By $500K/mo, you are focused on managing towards abstract metrics and hiring the best leaders to solve the problems...

Are you ready to make these changes?

Maybe, maybe not. But your ability to grow depends on you making the changes that every phase requires. Your agency relies on your ability to change.

Here Are Some of Our Success Stories


"In 10 weeks, we went from 7 clients to 17 - from low 6 figures to mid 6 figures. It just happened so fast - better scripts, better lead gen channels, and better close rates. There were problems I didn't even know how to express and we were able to create plans to solve them. So good..." - Bostjan -

This Changed Everything...

"In 3 months, we had a new offer (much much bigger), a new sales script, a new onboarding process, and a new way to talk about ourselves to our clients. In our 1st full month after working together, we landed $110K in new business...and it has only gotten better from there..." Anfernee -

The Guy Is A Wizard...

"In less than 8 weeks, my MRR  increased by 80-90%. When we started, I was a stressed out mess. But working with Tim, we created systems that allowed my team to do their work...and for me work on the business. When we started, my stress was at a 10 - now it is a 1 or a 2. And, I know we've just scratched the surface of what he knows." Wilding - AccelGrow
Beyond managing your own change, learning to think strategically (rather than chasing the latest tactic), and being able to break your agency into inter-related systems that need to be independently optimized, you need to create an organization that will allow your team to scale and grow and take on leadership roles.

Your agency growth stalls when you don't have the right plan. And that's why I created Agency Accelerator - for you to create the right plan for you, your family, your staff & of course, your clients.

What Are You Going To Learn In Agency Accelerator?

  • RETURN ON UNDERSTANDING: Invest into your clients issues to generate massive returns.
  • THE MAGIC MACHINE: Create a service purpose built to solve client problems
  • SELLING AS A SERVICE: Get clients asking to work with you & make closing a breeze.
  • THE SIX BULLETS: Focus on 6 things to skyrocket your revenue & profit gains.
  • BONUS BUDGET REPORTING: Show your value every day to your client.
  • SCALING SEQUENCE: The right set of steps for you to grow your business. A truly personalized growth plan that we will implement together.

Incredible Value...

"With Tim's approach of support and experience sharing, I was able to go from working 70-80+ hour weeks down to a normal amount of hours while also still growing the business top and bottom line! I am in a much happier place personally and our business is in a more valuable place after working with Tim." Dan - Trident Growth Partners

This Covered Everything...

We were doing ok - we were growing, adding clients, but it was all hard. It was hard because we didn't know what we didn't know. But Agency Breakout gave us the right information that allowed us to build the systems that work for us. We don't have bottlenecks - we have opportunities. Andres - ED Digital

We Learned So Much...

We were going after a bigger market. We had a new service. Agency Breakout taught us how to sell, how to close, how to generate leads, how to create partnerships, how to create a great offer, how to... Well, we learned how to run an agency. Milan - SmartClick
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